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The Ancient Mariner Would Have Loved This Business

He traveled far and wide, and there was nary a sight of land to be had. And it took him much longer than it would you to get from port to port. Because for him, there were simply no replacement marine parts to be had. Not for many, many nautical miles. And not that he minded. Never mind that he was half crazy, but the ancient mariner simply loved being at sea, no matter the life and death challenges.

But then again, legend has it that Captain Ahab was mad enough to put his life at risk by going after a great big monster-beast of the sea. The question being asked these days among those who do not even have an appreciation for all the perils of the sea is whether Ahab was the real monster and to just let that fine beast be. Mad he may have been, but there can be no doubt that he would have appreciated this business.

replacement marine parts

He appears to have been a lot more ambitious and driven. So perhaps he would not have minded coming across those replacement marine parts, just so he could get his craft back into one piece and go after that beast. The sea is a dangerous beast. Today, there are rules to be followed. You break these rules at your own risk. Your ship could go down, right to the bottom of the ocean. One of the rules is to always have a qualified marine engineer on deck. That’s sounds like something Ahab and the mariner never had.

No matter when or how, if the sea is to be respected and all and everything on board is to be safe, the all hands on deck rule still needs to prevail.