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Keep Your Volkswagen Running Smoothly With Regular Vehicle Service

Volkswagen is a trusted car manufacturer that’s been designing and manufacturing popular cars since 1937. The German company is headquartered in Wolfsburg, but sells cars in many countries, including the United States.  The brand is popular for drivers of all ages, but many of their models considerably appeal to modern, hip drivers. VW has designed many amazing vehicles throughout the years, but as with every manufacturer, some models are far better than others. The 1946 ‘Beetle’; Golf GTI released in 1975; and the VW Passat are among the most popular models released by the manufacturer over the years, but there are many other amazing models as well.

Why Should You Drive a Volkswagen?

Drivers enjoy the VW name because the vehicles provide a smooth, comfortable drive.  The vehicles are priced comfortably, even for drivers with modest budgets in place. Many new and pre-owned Volkswagen vehicles are on the roadways today.  VW vehicles are sleek and stylish and they’re always fun to drive no matter the model you want to buy. Drivers who buy a VW are confident that their vehicle will provide dependability, drivability, and durability for many years to come. But, without regular service, the smooth driving that you dream of may not come so easily.  Every VW needs to be serviced on a regular basis to keep it running smoothly.

VW Is a Smooth Operator

Services such as transmission fluid changes, oil changes, spark plug/spark plug wire changes, tire rotations, and numerous other services are needed to maintain your Volkswagen and keep it operating smoothly.  Failure to maintain the vehicle will significantly diminish the life expectancy and cause the need for frequent repairs and hassle.  Do you really want to risk a breakdown on the side of the road in the middle of the night at the worst possible time? When you schedule VW service, an auto mechanic will inspect all of the major components of the car underneath the hood. If any problems are found, they can be repaired right then to avoid trouble later down the road. Regular vehicle maintenance is the key to owning a VW that makes you proud.

How often do I Need Vehicle Service?

Most vehicles follow a 30/60/90 service schedule, meaning their vehicle needs to be serviced at 30,000 miles, at 60,000 miles, and again at 90,000 miles. Refer to your Volkswagen owner’s manual to learn the exact frequency recommended for your vehicle and follow the advice in this manual. Not only will regular service prevent damages and disruptions in the vehicle, it will also help maintain the vehicle’s resale value. Volkswagon service is needed in between these regularly scheduled appointments, however. The oil change is the most common service that you’ll take in your vehicle for. Failure to maintain the vehicle via regular service may also void the warranty. Drivers who want peace of mind in their vehicle know that regular service is the key to this feeling.