Common Problems With the Vehicle Transmission

The transmission is an important component in your vehicle. Without a fully functional transmission, the vehicle will not operate, at least very efficiently. While the transmission is built durable and designed to provide many years of great use, problems can and will occur along the way, especially once the transmission begins to endure wear and tear as it ages. Some of the most common issues that driver experience with their transmission include:

rebuilt transmission

·    Transmission Fluid Leaks: A leaking transmission is a big problem that needs immediate attention to prevent major trouble. It is likely that your gaskets or seals or both, are worn out. Simple replacements are all that you need to stop the leaks and restore usage of the vehicle.

·    Burning Smell: Burning smells are easy to recognize when you crank the car up to leave your home or other location. This smell occurs when the transmission overheats, when you ‘ride the clutch’ and in a few other situations. It’s probably best to take the vehicle into a mechanic to learn the culprit of the problem and to get a fast repair.

·    Overfilling Transmission Fluid: While it is important to make sure your vehicle has the proper amount of transmission fluid, overfilling can cause just as many problems as having too little fluid in the car.

·    Delayed Engagement: Delayed engagement occurs when the car hesitates between gears. There are many issues that may cause delayed engagement. Again, it’s best to let a professional diagnose the problem.

If you endure any of the above issues, make sure to schedule service with an experienced technician as quickly as possible. When you schedule transmission service, consider using a rebuilt transmission if the technician tells you that it is time to replace. Rebuilt transmissions are cheaper than new transmissions and easier to install, too.