What is Iontophoresis?

In case you are just about anything like I had been, then you certainly know the wrestle of living with extreme hand and foot sweating. I endured with palmer and plantar iontophoresis for several years.

In case you’re not mindful, that’s the extreme sweating of your fingers and ft whatever temperature it’s exterior or how warm you really feel. Hyperhidrosis is due to an imbalance within the somatic nervous system which is said to come about in approximately 3% of your globe populace.

Despite the fact that, it would not have an affect on anyone, hyperhidrosis is unquestionably pertinent plenty of to stir up demand from customers for a alternative. This is when Iontophoresis is available in.

So, exactly what is iontophoresis?

Iontophoresis is really a painless alternate to botox injection where a weak electrical latest is accustomed to encourage mineral-carrying ions to pass through the palms or feet.

In essence you place your arms and/or toes into metallic trays stuffed with water. The trays are hooked up into a weak battery product. An iontphoresis technician will help you with making use of the equipment. They flip up the dials to slowly and gradually raise the output of the battery demand into the h2o.

You should not worry, the course of action is totally pain-free and also you hardly even truly feel the present from the h2o. We’re chatting Incredibly very low voltage listed here.

The minerals make a temporary thickness within the sweat pores in the arms and toes that ends the profuse perspiring for a matter of months. Without continued iontophoresis treatment, the sweating does return, even so, this are already proven as certainly one of essentially the most constant and predictive hyperhidrosis treatment plans offered.

Usually it is best to interact in treatment plans 1 or 2 instances per week.

Occasionally iontophoresis affected person will get irritation within the regions of skin that satisfy the h2o line for the duration of cure. The solution to this can be just putting some vaseline about the pores and skin prior to the iontophoresis procedure.

If you prefer to start out partaking in iontophoresis solutions, you basically have two options. It is possible to possibly check out your skin doctor and obtain a referral for the closest iontophoresis facility Or else you can develop an iontophoresis product on your own in the home.